The Great Tree

Great Tree is a populous and ancient elvish settlement. For all of known history elves have lived in and around the tree.

It is a sacred object, burning wood from the great tree is forbidden for all but the most sacred rituals. Master crafts made from the great tree are highly desired, but it’s considered garish for amateurs with less than a few hundred years of experience to even attempt such a work.

More ancient branches are more highly desired neighborhoods. As they say, The thicker your branch, the greener your friends are, because they’re envious of you. Elves are not known for their pithy sayings.

Younger and poorer elves who can only afford apartments in the newest growth are often mocked as mere _ankle wides.

The port city of Root Is built clinging to the taproots that plunge into the sea.

Visitors from the Underside have said that roots of The Great Tree penetrate the entire thickness of the continent, but this is currently only conjectured.

During their expansionist phase, elven colonists brought a sapling to the eastern shores and planted it there. They named the new colony New Great Tree. For several hundred years it was a thriving city, with tree growing to nearly half mile in height. During the orcish rebelions, enslaved and maltreated orcs drove the elves from the entirety of the eastern shore.


The Great Tree

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