Sky whale

So majestic!

Soaring through the skies and dreams of Velus, the sky whale is a truly magnificent creatureflying_whale.jpg.

Generally friendly, loud, and not terribly intelligent, young sky whales have been known to interact with the less magnificent land bound peoples. Invariably as they age, and scale exponentially in size, they will abandon the power of rational thought. Adult sky whales shrug off the shackles of thinking and join in the ancient common song.

A young sky whale practicing take off.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma increases by 2.
Blubbery Whales have thick blubber layers and resistant to cold. They completely unbothered by non-magical cold.
Loud A sky whale has tremendous booming voices, on a still day, a shouting sky whale can be heard miles away.
Weightless Despite being incredibly massive, sky whales have no weight.
Flippers You have no hands and are incapable of dextrous manipulation of objects.
Size A young sky whale is between 5 – 10 feet long, and mass between 18 and 27 slugs. They are large creatures.
Speed Fly 30 feet, clumsy. Fly like a brick. While sky whales are large and massive, they are not neutrally buoyant. As a result, they have a much more limited carrying capacity than the average draft animal of similar mass.
Languages Whale, Common

Toothed Whale
Ability score increase Gain 1 strength
Bitey You have big teeth and know how to use them

Baleen Whale
Ability score increase Gain 1 constitution
Filter feeder You can strain the air to catch small fish and are never in any danger of starving.

Sky whale

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