Icons and Anchors

Stormbluff Cloudpuff the Cloud Lord
(It’s pronounced pouffee, get it right)
Current patriarch of the Cloudpuff clan. A very rich gnome. Head of the only trading company with open sky ships. His family has a rich line of magic in their blood, and a set of magical tattoos which are somehow passed from down the lines of descent.

Josie the Pirate Queen
Capstone of a massive pirate pyramid scheme, her raiders are the defacto tax-persons of the vel river. She’s been trying to make inroads into the sea. So far the elvish navy has been able to keep a semblance of law and order, but they are increasingly strained by the orcish attacks from the east. It is rumored that Josie has been secretly constructing a sky ship from pilfered materials and knowledge.

Dwarf king: Mergin daughter of Magrin
The current dwarf king is a stout traditionalist. She has been aggressively expanding dwarven tunneling efforts. Re-opening closed off mid tunnels has been a boon for the dwarven economy. Beryl, the triple city is now richer than it has been in centuries. There are rumors of monsters being sited in the mids

His lowness the Undersider Underking: Unglar Underseer
King of the undersiders, he rules from Stalag. Under his rule a new understanding with the Saughin has been reached, ending decades of war. He has arranged trade with them, offering webwork and dwarven metal goods for Saugin rarities, like mist rays, etch, and strange metals like “alumin”.

Morg, President of the Orcs:
Raised in an elvish zoo, Morg has a deep hatred of all elves. He was freed when the eastern elvish colony of New Forest was sacked and burned during the first uprising. Drafted into the warband, he rapidly rose through the ranks. After demonstrating his tactical and administrative genius during the siege of New Great Tree, he was elected president. He has greatly expanded the orcish diplomatic corps. With new allies and purpose, the orcs are beginning to throw back elvin naval dominance and become a credible threat to the home trees.

Sauhaugin lord: Name roughly translates as “Breaker of many teeth in his enemies’ flesh”
The sharp toothed leader of the Sauhaugin. Little is known about him. Since making a truce with the undersiders, his raiders are seen more often on the topside than they were in the past. Many humans consider the Sauhaugin a myth, but the delicious disappearance of entire populations is hard to ignore.

mobgoblin: “Boss” true name unknown
He is the go to shady dealer in the area. He’s known to have a hand in many of the shady deals in the area. His home is known to be located by a number of shady trees.

grand poobah of Murlton: Murl Parthineum
came back from colony, thin, gaunt, sleepless
hates pirate queen, business friends with cloudpuffs
dwarves remind him uncomfortably of himself
may have dealings with the mobgoblin

Wava Pleasant
was an undersider, now lives in velus
doesn’t like humans, gnomes, or dwarves,
ok with pirate queen
allied with saugin
dislikes orcs
gets terrorist things done with the gobmobosslin
rung advocate

mist high priest
from Springfield
the island rose out of the mist only 1000 years ago and will fall back into the mist within 100 years
sacrifice everyday to the mist
nomads and outcasts, settled in springfield

undercity webway engineer
hates wava
interested in draining the sea

gnomegineer traitor
rumor of someone selling sky ship secrets
hated by cloudpuff

elf priestess
believes world is round
responsible for protective winds

leslie nope
more parks
destroying villages

the assimilator:
she’s super creepy and lives in the forest
she wants to steal your plants
treants – army of
poison ivy ent— they’re so itchy

Icons and Anchors

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